Branding that will make customers buy

Brand design is the development of a strategy, the definition of a potential audience and the creation of a whole complex of elements, textures that create positioning in the market.

Services Branding
  • Corporate identity of the company
    It is designed to visually define a company through design elements
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  • Logo Design
    A logo is a graphic element used to increase brand awareness
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  • Brand book design
    The brand book describes the concept, defines a single graphic corporate style
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  • Packaging Design
    The task of packaging is to attract attention, inspire confidence and influence the choice of the client
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  • Print Product Design
    With strong print design, your company will be noticed and remembered by many
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  • Social Media Design
    Social networks are one of the main channels of communication with the client at the present time
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How We Work
The goal of our work is to find the main problems of your customers and solve them through a variety of design solutions. At the same time, they are comfortable and modern looking.
  • Communication
    We contact in any way convenient for you: Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, mail, as well as any messenger: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Briefing
    We get acquainted with the terms of reference, if any. If there is none, with the help of leading questions, we create. We approve.
  • Prepayment
    After agreeing on the TC, an advance payment of 30%, the rest of the amount after confirming the readiness of all types of work. If necessary, we conclude an agreement, or sign the NGA.
  • Work
    The work is completed within the specified time. Together with the layout, we send a rationale for the design, and a UI-kit is also attached to the design.
  • Edits
    If you want to change some UI elements.
  • Final
    After approval of layouts for compliance with the necessary visualization and terms of reference - mutual settlement. As a result, you have an archive with layouts corresponding to the checklist.
Do you have questions?
If you have any questions, you can leave a request and I will contact you.
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  • We are engaged in a wide range of work - the development of complex branding, separate graphic design, the development of individual elements: logos, mascots, etc.

  • The deadline for completing the task depends on the number of ordered objects, the availability of ready-made technical specifications and a number of other factors.

  • Leave a request for a free call or contact the manager by phone or email for a consultation or order.

  • The client is provided with a set of graphic elements in different formats and resolutions for printing, placement on the site and other purposes.

  • Yes, no problem with that. At the request of the customer, we will sign an NDA.

Brand design: the face of the company at its best

Branding is a crucial stage of work on the face of the company in the global sense of the word. Branding design is not just creating a logo and choosing corporate colors. Brand design is the development of a strategy, the definition of a potential audience and the creation of a whole complex of elements, textures, etc. that create positioning in the market.

Why brand design is the task of professionals?

A number of customers believe that with at least basic branding - the choice of corporate colors, the development of a logo, a mascot - a task that can be easily performed independently (or by the marketing department). In fact, there are only a few examples of self-developed successful branding, and this is the merit of talented employees, and not a streamlined process. For example, one of the most recognizable mascots in the world is the Michelin man. But if you try to create a competitive product on your own today, the result will be disappointing. While professionals from Abozhenko:
  • evaluate the customer's idea and see the artistic ways of its implementation;
  • do not focus on personal preferences, but objectively assess trends and market demand;
  • are engaged in "smart" design, including an analytical approach that evaluates the potential audience, the possibilities of working with brand elements (how the logo will look on handouts, promotional products, signs), etc.;
  • are looking for elegant non-standard solutions for different lines of business.

Graphic design branding - contact Abozhenko

Brand graphic design is a responsible task that largely determines the success of an organization and its products on the market. We are aware of the degree of responsibility for your business, so the development of brand design is carried out with maximum effort.
In addition, we offer to order branding design inexpensively. The cost is made up of a number of factors:
  • amount of elements;
  • complexity of implementation;
  • scope of development (from the logo to the development of the brand book and corporate style).
At Abozhenko, the price for brand design is kept at a competitive level. A flexible pricing policy will make the professional design of the company's brand affordable, including for start-up businesses.
Our advantages:
  • Inexpensive comprehensive brand design
  • Non-standard solutions for all business lines
  • Rapid development of a long-term brand