brandbook design development

Price from: 800

The jointly created brand book will describe the concept of the company, its positioning in the market and the target audience

Advantages of brandbook
  • 1
    Identifies advertising media
    Use ready-made analyzed strategies when creating advertising products
  • 2
    Be guided by strong marketing solutions for market positioning
  • 3
    Manages corporate style
    Create a comprehensive picture in order to form a holistic perception of the brand by the consumer
How We Work
The goal of our work is to find the main problems of your customers and solve them through a variety of design solutions. At the same time, they are comfortable and modern looking.
  • Communication
    We contact in any way convenient for you: Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, mail, as well as any messenger: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Briefing
    We get acquainted with the terms of reference, if any. If there is none, with the help of leading questions, we create. We approve.
  • Prepayment
    After agreeing on the TC, an advance payment of 30%, the rest of the amount after confirming the readiness of all types of work. If necessary, we conclude an agreement, or sign the NGA.
  • Work
    The work is completed within the specified time. Together with the layout, we send a rationale for the design, and a UI-kit is also attached to the design.
  • Edits
    If you want to change some UI elements.
  • Final
    After approval of layouts for compliance with the necessary visualization and terms of reference - mutual settlement. As a result, you have an archive with layouts corresponding to the checklist.
Do you have questions?
If you have any questions, you can leave a request and I will contact you.
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  • We create a brand book based on all the materials provided by the customer, with infographics, diagrams, illustrations.

  • Depending on the type of brand book and the amount of data provided, we set different deadlines for different types of brand books.

  • The finished design can be used to create presentations, format as a PDF file, or print as a handout.

  • The price of a brand book depends on the amount of material, the need to specially develop individual elements (tables, diagrams, illustrations) and other factors. Leave a request for design development and we will give you an accurate idea of the cost of your order.

Brand book design: a company from A to Z

The brand book is one of the most important documents of the company, on the basis of which all work is carried out: cooperation with clients, the work of the marketing department, strategy development. That is why the design of the brand book should be given considerable attention. We offer professional comprehensive brand book development for companies of all levels, from business beginners to large companies.

What is a brand book and what does it include?

A brand book is a collection of data about a company, its activities, potential audience, development strategy, etc. Based on the brand book, presentations are prepared, the possibility of opening new areas of work is analyzed, and the company's marketing policy is developed.

The price of the brand book design in the Abozhenko studio is affordable for your business, and the profit from such an investment will be significant.

Why should brand book design be entrusted to professionals?

A brand book can be called without exaggeration the Bible for any company. Therefore, an effective brand book design solves a number of tasks at once:

  • allows you to use it as an attractive handout for potential customers and partners, with an emphasis on the key points and priorities of the company;
  • simplifies the work, allowing you to immediately access the information of interest and use it for further development;
  • structures data about the company in a form that is comfortable for perception.

That is why it is important to order a brand book design that would be not only beautiful, but also suitable for work: visual, logical, where each element “works”, and not just decorates the pages.

Brand book design development should be based on an analytical approach. Turning to Abozhenko, you get:

  • low cost of brand book design;
  • a quality product, where the analytical approach is combined with artistic value;
  • the opportunity to use the result obtained in the work of the company for many years.

To order a brand book design from the first time, which will embody your ideas about a working marketing tool, contact Abozhenko - a studio where design works for your business in every detail.

Our advantages:

  • An integrated approach to design
  • Creation of a working brand book
  • Affordable prices for brandbooks