Packaging design - competitive advantage

Price from: 800

We will create recognizable packaging based on knowledge and experience in marketing, merchandising and graphic design

Benefits of packaging design
  • 1
    Get Attention
    Manage customer choice based on their associations, motives and selection criteria
  • 2
    Inspires confidence
    Create an emotional connection between the customer and the product with quality packaging
  • 3
    Increases Sales
    Use our packaging as a powerful promotional tool
How We Work
The goal of our work is to find the main problems of your customers and solve them through a variety of design solutions. At the same time, they are comfortable and modern looking.
  • Communication
    We contact in any way convenient for you: Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, mail, as well as any messenger: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Briefing
    We get acquainted with the terms of reference, if any. If there is none, with the help of leading questions, we create. We approve.
  • Prepayment
    After agreeing on the TC, an advance payment of 30%, the rest of the amount after confirming the readiness of all types of work. If necessary, we conclude an agreement, or sign the NGA.
  • Work
    The work is completed within the specified time. Together with the layout, we send a rationale for the design, and a UI-kit is also attached to the design.
  • Edits
    If you want to change some UI elements.
  • Final
    After approval of layouts for compliance with the necessary visualization and terms of reference - mutual settlement. As a result, you have an archive with layouts corresponding to the checklist.
Do you have questions?
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  • We develop designs for all types of packaging, for any product.

  • The lead time depends on the type of packaging, complexity and requirements of the customer.

  • Wishes and terms of reference from the customer are the basis for our work. We offer our own ideas or help improve yours.

  • employs professionals who specialize in packaging design. Many years of experience and portfolio confirm the high quality of each work performed, and you get control over the process throughout the entire working period.

Packaging design: how beauty sells

Even the best product on the market will not be in demand without a decent presentation. For example, the well-known drink Coca-Cola has long become one of the most recognizable brands in the world, familiar to the consumer even by the combination of colors. And despite this, when the company's marketing department cut advertising costs, sales immediately fell - up to 20% per month. That is why the development of packaging design - for a new product or rebranding - is one of the points that you should pay special attention to.

How is custom packaging design created?

To develop a packaging design, you need to answer a lot of questions:

  • who is this product for?
  • what associations, feelings, desires should it evoke (hunger, thirst, desire to become part of a prestigious social group);
  • what brand advantages should be the main focus?
  • how informative will the packaging be for the user?

And this is only a part of the data necessary for the designer to start working. Therefore, effective packaging design is created only by professionals - as in Abozhenko.

Order packaging design:

When a customer needs package design, the following questions are important:

  • what is the cost of packaging design?
  • how attractive will the result be?
  • will this package be selling?

Our professionals analyze these issues before working with future packaging. We consider design primarily as a marketing tool. And one of the priority tasks is the creation of a competitive design. New products regularly appear on the market that do not differ from competitors in terms of characteristics. Properly executed packaging will allow them to stand out. Packaging design - boxes, wrappers, packs - allows you to emphasize the existing advantages of the product, make it intriguing for the user and encourage purchase.

Our advantages:

  • Selling design development
  • Informative packaging
  • Cost-effective solutions