Design social networks

Price from: 800

We will develop an original business account design that will ensure recognition of your brand

Advantages of social networks
  • 1
    Gives a lot of traffic
    Get more traffic and sales due to a large and loyal audience in social networks
  • 2
    Generates Brand Awareness
    Strengthen the recognition of your corporate identity by applying it to the design of a business account
  • 3
    Develops the brand
    Feel free to use social networks as an advertising and image component of your brand
How We Work
The goal of our work is to find the main problems of your customers and solve them through a variety of design solutions. At the same time, they are comfortable and modern looking.
  • Communication
    We contact in any way convenient for you: Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, mail, as well as any messenger: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Briefing
    We get acquainted with the terms of reference, if any. If there is none, with the help of leading questions, we create. We approve.
  • Prepayment
    After agreeing on the TC, an advance payment of 30%, the rest of the amount after confirming the readiness of all types of work. If necessary, we conclude an agreement, or sign the NGA.
  • Work
    The work is completed within the specified time. Together with the layout, we send a rationale for the design, and a UI-kit is also attached to the design.
  • Edits
    If you want to change some UI elements.
  • Final
    After approval of layouts for compliance with the necessary visualization and terms of reference - mutual settlement. As a result, you have an archive with layouts corresponding to the checklist.
Do you have questions?
If you have any questions, you can leave a request and I will contact you.
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  • We offer profile design for VK, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

  • Designers and SMM managers work on the basis of the site, adjusting the finished offer to the customer's wishes: menu, cover, profile descriptions, etc.

  • Depending on the type of site, materials provided by the customer and a number of other factors.

  • Contact for a detailed estimate for a specific client task. A flexible pricing policy will make the preparation of a profile design on a social network affordable.

Social media design: individuality among millions

Today, a company's own website is a topical thing, but no longer strictly required. Many, especially small businesses, successfully look for clients and communicate on social networks: instagram, facebook, youtube, Vkontakte. But even on these sites, the individuality of the company is important. To increase recognition and sales level, an individual page design is created.

VK profile design and other social networks: what are the advantages?

Design for social networks to order performs a number of tasks:

  • individual design of pages on Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook allows you to make them recognizable among many similar profiles;
  • the original design of profiles in social networks makes the presentation of goods and services more attractive and competitive;
  • in the Abozhenlo studio, the account design is developed taking into account the assessment of the potential audience, therefore it attracts live users, not subscriber bots; focuses on the key points of the presentation of goods and services and ensure the maximum usability of the resource.

Therefore, the price of social media design is an investment in the company's SMM strategy.

Trust the design development to professionals

Creating designs for different types of social networks is a difficult task. Abozhenko employs professionals who:

  • take into account the specifics of each site, functionality and usability;
  • offering to order the design of a youtube channel and other social networks, taking into account the positioning of the company;
  • designing popular sites: twitch channel design, Instagram account design, vk page design and other social networks of your choice.

Our advantages

  • Design for popular social networks;
  • Individualization of sites;
  • Budget for the development of a unique design.