UX/UI, is convenient and understandable for your clients

We do not just offer “beautiful website design”. We combine analytical approach and artistic skills.

Services UX/UI design
  • Landing page design
    Landing calls the user to the target action: purchase, subscription, application, etc.
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  • Corporate Website Design
    The corporate website is designed to create the company's image on the Internet
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  • Web Store Design
    Internet store - a site for the sale of goods and services through the worldwide network
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  • Promo site design
    Business card site - a small site that contains basic information about the company
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  • Mobile App Design
    Mobile application - software designed specifically to work on smartphones
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  • Web interface design
    Web interface - a set of tools designed to interact with a web resource
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How We Work
The goal of our work is to find the main problems of your customers and solve them through a variety of design solutions. At the same time, they are comfortable and modern looking.
  • Communication
    We contact in any way convenient for you: Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, mail, as well as any messenger: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Briefing
    We get acquainted with the terms of reference, if any. If there is none, with the help of leading questions, we create. We approve.
  • Prepayment
    After agreeing on the TC, an advance payment of 30%, the rest of the amount after confirming the readiness of all types of work. If necessary, we conclude an agreement, or sign the NGA.
  • Work
    The work is completed within the specified time. Together with the layout, we send a rationale for the design, and a UI-kit is also attached to the design.
  • Edits
    If you want to change some UI elements.
  • Final
    After approval of layouts for compliance with the necessary visualization and terms of reference - mutual settlement. As a result, you have an archive with layouts corresponding to the checklist.
Do you have questions?
If you have any questions, you can leave a request and I will contact you.
Ask a question
  • We are working on the design of the site according to the already prepared TT, but we are not developing the structure.

  • From concise to ultra-complex, with animation and decorative elements.

  • Determined by the terms of reference - complexity increases the deadline.

  • Contact the manager for a free consultation and from that moment the work begins! The customer receives a list of required documents and a sample for the preparation of TT.

Web design: professionals work

In the third decade of the 21st century, you can no longer waste time explaining to clients why they should order website design services from professionals with experience and a portfolio. We are glad to offer to order a website design from a company specializing in smart design for smart websites that can bring profit to business and benefit to site visitors. Why is a website design development studio a profitable and justified solution?
Web site design is a complex task, consisting of:
  • setting goals and objectives of the customer;
  • development of technical specifications based on the information provided, taking into account the specifics of the business, product exclusivity and a number of other criteria;
  • scheduling work in stages (starting with the choice of colors and ending with adaptation to the working resource);
  • performance of work and acceptance by the customer.
Our company offers a professional approach to each of these stages. First of all, employees-designers are analysts who perform the task. We do not just offer “beautiful website design”. It can be artistic, elegant and original. But this does not make sense if the buyer visits the page and in the first seconds of being on the site does not find the product, cannot place an order or get advice.
Therefore, at first we are working on a clear, user-friendly structure. Our solutions make the site functional - the user enters the site and instantly finds the necessary information, has the opportunity to place an order, etc. The structure is then dressed in a form that is visually pleasing without unnecessary distractions. We focus on the tastes of the customer and find the opportunity to implement them in an impeccable artistic form. As a result, the web site design for you is perfect. When developing a website design (the price of which should also not be exorbitant), a lot of nuances are taken into account: the placement of media elements, the structure of the catalog, the embodiment of the customer's business concept in each element. Such a solution cannot be compared with the adaptation of standard design options that are used for medical clinics, and for online stores, and for websites of charitable foundations. Individual approach from start to finish is one of the key advantages of web design development at abozhenko.com.
Website design cost: cheaper guaranteed!
With all of the above for web design, the price at abozhenko is affordable and reasonable. The customer receives a detailed report on the cost of each stage of production. This is important not only at the time of site design development - in the future it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of your investments, focusing on the effectiveness of the site.
When planning to order a website design, contact us if you intend to get something more from the finished resource than just a beautiful picture. The price of creating a website design does not only include drawing and integration - the emphasis is on a practical approach and analytics, combining them with an attractive visualization.
The cost of web site design consists of a number of components:
  • resource type;
  • the number of unique (not template, like the goods of an online store) pages;
  • use of interactive elements (animation, flash, online chat forms, etc.);
  • the need to perform related tasks (development of a logo, unique menu elements, etc.);
  • development of adaptive design and much more.
The price of website design development in our company is transparent for customers at every stage of work. The customer sees how all stages are evaluated. And most importantly, the total cost of development is offered within the competitive framework of the market, while the result of the work demonstrates high efficiency and profitability for the client. So this is a web site design that is attractive, workable and profitable for you at the same time.
  • practical design for live users;
  • anti-crisis prices;
  • options for any type of resource.